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Overview of Road Safety Activities


The Hon’ble Supreme Court has constituted a committee i.e. “Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety (SCCRS)” to oversee the Road Safety related aspects in the country vide G.O. dated 30-5-2014. This Committee will monitor the Road Safety activities across the country. The Committee on Road Safety has directed to take up measures to improve accident prone locations in the State and also directed that, a time bound programme may be prepared to rectify all the black spots identified. The Committee has been constantly directing the State to prepare Annual Calendar/Protocol for treating black spots.

As per the directions of the Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety the Government of Karnataka has formulated “Karnataka Road Safety Policy” vide Order no. SARIE/103/SAEPA/2015 dated 21/09/2015, which will act as a guide to the concerned stake holders of the department and to the public with the (a) Vision to provide safe road network for all road users, with priority to pedestrians and cyclists, to achieve zero road accidents in the long run and (b) Mission to reduce accidents by 25% and fatalities by 30% by 2020.

As per the directions and recommendations of SCCRS, the Government of Karnataka framed a Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) and has designed a protocol for identification of black spot preparation on time bound Action Plan for implementing the rectification measure, Vide G.O. No. PWD:42:EAP:2017, Bengaluru, dt:4-4-2017. As per the protocol issued by the Government, PRAMC shall collect the data of blackspots from Road Safety Cell and shall scrutinize all the data, assign unique codes to the black spots and shall initiate long-term remedial measures for mitigating the blackspots.

The Government of Karnataka has constituted Road Safety Authority under ‘The Karnataka State Road Safety Authority Act, 2017’ vide Notification No. SAMVYASHAE:35: SHASANA:2017, Bengaluru, dt:7-12-2017 for the implementation of Road Safety Programmes and the establishment of road Safetyfund in the State of Karnataka and for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.

Further, As per the directions of SCCRS, Govt. of Karnataka vide G.O. No.PWD:190:EAP:2018, Bengaluru Dt:12-10-2018, has directed ‘Planning and Road Asset Management Centre (PRAMC)’ to work as ‘Permanent Road Safety Cell’ under PWD. The aim of the cell is (1) To form rules as per the IRC provisions to mitigate road accidents in State Highways and Major District RoadsUnder the leadership of Engineer-in-Chief, PRAMC the Cell shall (2) Preparing Action plan, Execution, Maintenence and supervision of all Road Safety Works takenup under the Department.

The blackspot data is being compiled in PRAMC. Click here to view the list of Blackspots pertaining to PWD.

List of Junctions on State Highways and Major District Roads pertaining to PWD.

Karnataka State Road Safety Authority Meetings 

Road Safety Field Guide

Part - A : Road Safety Audit Principles

Part - B : Key Steps in a Road Safety Audit

Part - C : Some Common Safety Concerns on Karnataka Highways

Part - D : Road Safety Audit Checklists

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